I am deeply passionate about generating revenues and profits, increasing shareholder value, connecting with clients, partners, investors, and employees and crafting an offer they find compelling.

I have been the founder and co-founder of start-ups, a senior leader in start-ups, and the CFO and COO of public and private companies.

My current focus is as Founder and CEO of Kedzoh, a mobile learning platform for the enterprise. [Kedzoh has won two major international awards: Startup Chile and Startup Brazil].

I have done small deals and large – from a few million to a few billion and along the way built long lasting shareholder value by generating revenues and providing exceptional service and products to customers.

With former clients like KKR (the very large PE firm) and T. Boone Pickens (the Texas oil man), I’ve been to the front lines and back.

Whether doing business in the U.S. or internationally, I’m equally at ease in the boardroom as I am on the shop floor. I’ve done business in France, UK, Belgium, Chile, Slovenia, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and the US. And, I speak English and French with native fluency and speak fluent Spanish and get by in Portuguese. I also have dual US and French nationality and am able to work throughout the EU.

I received my M.B.A. in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a double B.A. in both Economics and Political Science from New York University.

Whether it’s a turnaround, start-up, kick-start or established business, I excel at increasing revenues, increasing profits, fundraising, making operations more efficient and building equity value and doing so with a special focus on customer care and employee morale.

In sum, I have spent my entire career building businesses – many of them start-ups – and consider myself fortunate to have been involved with world-class, cutting edge leaders and some truly amazing technologies.

As a result of all these wonderful experiences, I regularly advise and work with technology companies on revenue generation, product market fit, fundraising and operations. I genuinely enjoy sharing my experiences with others— so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like my assistance.

Who am I and what I do – 30 second video


Here’s my traditional CV


Areas of Expertise

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Technology, Cloud Computing, Software, Mobile Telephony, Mobile Learning, Mobile Payment Systems, SaaS, Telecom, eLearning, Distance Learning, Green Technologies, Oil and Gas, Water Technologies, Health Care, Banking, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital.

FUNCTIONAL EXPERTISE: Revenue Generation, Project Management, Software Development, UX Design, Business Development, Sales, Management, Team Building, Leadership, Innovation, International Business, Customer Relations, Client Management, Product Market Fit, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Turnarounds, Finance, Accounting, Operations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions, Early Stage, Start-ups, Strategy, SOX, Compliance, Risk, Credit, Public and Private Companies, For Profit, Non-Profits, Wall Street, Fund Raising, Due Diligence, Buyouts and Venture Capital.

10pxInterview at Young Entrepreneurs’ Discussion Group

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Personal Interests

Family, Friends, Music (indie and classical), Art (contemporary, especially urban and Chinese), Yoga, Mountain Biking, Technology and Innovation.

A Favorite Piece of Music

This is from the folks at Playing For Change who bring together artists from around the US and the world to play together. It’s a great tribute to teamwork, execution, entrepreneurship and timeless music.

Please contact me if you would like my assistance.



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