Hello World

Hello WorldHello World! Recently, I’ve been watching the Stanford iPhone online class and taking a few other online classes on programming to deepen my understanding of mobile applications. So, it just seems appropriate that my first blog be called “Hello World”. – as every beginner in programming is taught to write a simple program that does nothing except say: “HELLO WORLD!”

What I intend to do with this blog and what it will turn out to be will not be unlike the process that a startup goes through as it tries to find that magical product market fit or what used to be mysteriously called a business model – in short, that combination that brings you customers and makes you money (or famous or whatever measure you are looking for).

To begin with this blog is supposed to be about the things I am most passionate about and that I like the most (excluding music, lots of indie music, art, lots of contemporary art and movies that got two thumbs up or the Palme D’Or). Namely, it’s going to start by being about:

  • Generating revenues – or how the heck am I going to come up with an idea, and once I come up with it how the heck am I supposed to get customers and make money with it.
  • Technology – lots of other folks cover this far better than I but my focus is on technology as a tool. Just ‘cause it’s cool can be nice to talk about with your friends, but will it be used, will customers come, will it make money are the things that interest me. You could say, this is about products and customers – hey, see, this blog is already trying to find its own product market fit.
  • Finance & Operations – After having seen Steve Blank’s Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups I want to make it clear that I am NOT an accountant. To me, finance is about the business model and how you make the beans. I’ll leave it up to the accountants to count the beans. So, Finance and Operations is all about running the business, and the the business model. What works, what doesn’t? Who’s doing it right? Who’s doing it wrong? IMHO.
  • International – It’s about extending your reach, thinking outside the box, thinking outside your borders, getting out of the building. When you do that internationally, you’ll encounter all sorts of new and interesting challenges and I’ll talk about that here.

So, there you have it. That’s my first blog posting.

Please let me know what you think – write me – so I can be on my way to a great product market fit – aka content to reader fit.

Thanks for visiting. Come back. And, tell your friends.


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