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How to Steal Like Steve Jobs – A Presentation In English

Steve Jobs always said he wasn’t ashamed to steal good ideas. I’ll show you, using many examples, how the greatest creators “stole” their great ideas in the world of art, movies, hardware and software. My goal is to demonstrate to you a new way of thinking and innovating so that you can go beyond the ordinary.

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How to Steal Like Steve Jobs – A Presentation In French

Steve Jobs a toujours dis qu’il n’avais pas honte de voler les bonnes idées. Je vais vous montrer à travers nombreuse exemple comment les plus grand créateur ont “volé” leurs grands idées dans le monde de l’art, des filmes, du hardware et le logiciel. Le but est de démontrer une nouvelle façon de penser et d’innover pour que vous puissiez aller au delà de l’ordinaire.

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Do I love Android or do I hate AT&T?

How we phrase a question leads us to different insights and conclusions about products, markets, business plans and how we see things. You can ask: why do people love the iPhone? Or, you can ask: Do I love the Android? Do I hate AT&T? Do I hate Apple? With the new iPhone coming out and AT&T gouging it’s customers it’s time Sergey and Larry started asking: Why doesn’t anyone love me?

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