Do I love Android or do I hate AT&T?

Nobody loves me :(Do I love Android or do I hate AT&T? I find myself asking this question over and over this week. AT&T just announced that they are doing away with an all you can eat data plan and the new iPhone is expected out any day. How you phrase the question gives you insights into the behavior of buyers of iPhone versus Google powered phones. Hey it gives you an insight into my own behavior…

[Disclosure: I think the iPhone is a phenomenal piece of technology and a seminal event in the birth of Cloud Computing (see my earlier post). I’m also planning on going out next week and finally buying one – my Sprint plan finally expires.]

I’ve been wondering why anyone would purchase an Android phone since it came out and I believe that it’s not that folks just love the Android but that they hate AT&T. Price gouging will have that effect on you.

Here’s another question: Do people love the Android or do they just simply hate, beyond all measure, Apple and Steve Jobs? I think you’ll likely to get a strong response on this one and that lots of Android buyers simply just can not stand Apple, and that they don’t really love the Android.

So what does that make the Android? People are buying it because they hate Apple and because they hate AT&T. But do they really love it? I think not.

It’s practical, it responsible, it does the job. It makes you anti-frilly, anti-flip-flop, anti-mock turtleneck, and anti-design. Hey, you wouldn’t want to actually admit you live in California, right? Hey, it makes you a PC person. More gray than sleek aluminum.

OK. Have I pissed off enough people? I hope so! I would love to see a real competitor to the iPhone and AT&T. So, why can’t someone do it? Common’ Sergey and Larry, you can do better, much better. And you will. If only you started asking the right question: Why doesn’t anybody love me?

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