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Understanding America – Part I – The Billion Dollar Sure Thing

A way is presented for European entrepreneurs (and Americans also) to look at the American market in a way that will permit them to identify billion dollar opportunities.

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Technology Topples Governments

The use of Facebook and Twitter is fueling the growth of democracies in Egypt and Tunisia, respectively.

The printing press was invented in 1493 yet democracies did not truly begin in the modern era until 1776.

Facebook and Twitter are together less than six years old. Where will we be ten years from now?

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Wikileaks and The War In Vietnam

What do the recent hacking events related to Wikileaks have to do with the Vietnam War? We’ve entered a new era of political protest (i.e. hacking) because we haven’t found a suitable alternative. Newspaper readership is declining and there is a need for new ways to protest. So what would you do today to protest the Vietnam War?

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RIAA and MPPA Go Down: Pirates 1 – Suits 0

Citizens banding together in anonymous fashion to protest against an organization, person or event will grow in the years to come. We are already seeing this as evidenced in last week’s successful DDoS attack against the MPPA and RIAA websites. Perhaps it is the beginning of the anti-Facebook, anti-MySpace, generation?

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This Whole Android Vs. Apple Thing Is So USA

We’re so busy trying to conjure up the next Facebook that we’re missing Facebookx10 opportunities. So start innovating outside the box (e.g. the Fifty States, the EU).

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