HTC Android Gets an “F” in Branding

HTC Launches on HSNYes, “F” as in fail, freak-up, complete failure, go to the back of the class, do not pass Go.

The new Android HTC EVO 4G was launched this weekend on Home Shopping Network – before the official launch on June 7th at Sprint stores. Oh wow, HSN, Sprint Stores, I’m jumping up and down. Plus it’s also the same day Apple is supposed to announce their new iPhone.

Yes, you read it right, the Home Shopping Network. The place to be for great deals on ginzu knives and other such must have items. Wow, so now the really cool, cutting edge stuff is going to be sold on HSN. I would never have guessed. Isn’t that cool. Maybe I’ll even be able to buy a blender at the same time and then do one of those “will it blend” tests.

I’ve taught marketing and strategy classes at the MBA level and let me tell you that you don’t need an MBA to know that is just plain stupid – unless of course, a) you just made too many of the damn things and you need to dump them as fast as possible before the new iPhone is officially out or b) you work for Doctor Evil and you want to do as much harm to Google/Android as you can without having to buy a Death Star at 3AM with 2,500,000 easy payments of $79,999 per month.

Stupid is as stupid does“. Thanks Forest, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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