Biz Dev – Part I – Know Where You’re Going or At Least Move!

Whether you’re European, Asian, American, Latin American, or African (what’s the stylistic way of including Australia and the South Pacific in such a list? But, I digress.). There’s only one thing on your mind. And no for you guys out there it’s not that…. it’s the other thing… MONEY. That’s what you want! More of it. More revenues, more profits. More, more, more.

What that takes (besides a great product, great customer relations, etc, etc, etc.) is sales. Sales is where the rubber hits the road. Sales is where the strong get separated from the weak. Sales is when a customer says YES, YES, YES, I want your product! But, so many fail at sales. And it doesn’t matter what you call it: some say “to-ma-toe”, some say “toe-may-toe”. Some say marketing, some say sales, some say business development. The sale happens where these three come together. Your marketing is the physical manifestation of your strategy; it’s the web site, brochures, videos and ads. Sales is the stuff inside the web site, brochures, videos and and ads that gives customers a compelling want to purchase from you. And, business development, we’ll that’s a fancy term for when you get your butt out of the office and start knocking on a customer’s door.

This is part one – stay tuned for part two next week where I show you how to kick some butt and part three in two weeks where I’ll talk about something that comes un-naturally: growing your business without revenues.

In the mean time, here’s some homework. Watch this video by Claude LeLouche. Besides being cool – what can you learn from it about business development? I’ll give you one clue: It was banned by the French government for many years. Watch it and find out why.

Click on the image to view the video!

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