Part I Becoming an Entrepreneur – Je Fais, Donc Je Suis – I Do, Therefore I Am

FranceThe philosophical underpinnings of Descartes’ statement – Je pense, donc je suis / I think, therefore I Am – is the anti-thesis to doubt but omits one important point: it presupposes that one has overcome doubts.

Doubt to an entrepreneur (or anyone esle for that matter) is the single greatest threat we face. Greater than the competition. Greater than any technological advances. For in doubt resides inaction and inaction results in failure “TO DO”.

Everyone talks about MVP and product-market-fit but I’ve seen too many fail because of inaction. Not because they didn’t have the skills but because they just somehow got stuck.

And, here’s my simple solution to getting “unstuck”.

At the top of my “To do” list is the reminder: Just start working on something and 20 minutes later you’ll actually be doing it*. That’s exactly what I did with this blog. I just looked at the blank piece of paper and started writing and in less than twenty minutes my ideas starting taking shape. I didn’t need to meditate (although that’s s good thing), I didn’t need to do any special ritual or have a long list of other things (doubts) completed before starting. I just started.

So take up a new anthem: “Je fais, donc je suis” – “I do, therefore I am”.

It’s really quite simple. Focus on “getting shit done” and JFDI.


* Many thanks that that author who’s name I’ve forgotten but who’s idea has stuck with me”.

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