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The Great California Time Myth

I deal in myths all the time in building a tech business (i.e. how easy it is, how hard it is, how you need traction to get investors, how you don’t need traction to get investors…). But the most frustrating myth I’ve had to deal with is the myth that being based in California is […]

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International Opportunities – Part II – Copycat Entrepreneurialism

Picasso said the good artists copy and the great artists steal. Look for opportunities in the US you can take to the non-US market AND look for opportunities in the non-US market that you can take to the US. Make Picasso proud!

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Biz Dev – Part III – Why No Revenues is Better

Companies can still have zero revenues and have tremendous value. Most VC’s assume $2 per user per year in revenues, with one million users and a multiple of 20X that’s $40 million of value with zero revenues. Good, if you’re a US company. Difficult if you’re in Europe where angels and VC are still struggling with the concept that a company with zero revenues can have tremendous value. So, what’s a European entrepreneur to do? Simple, find a local VC who “get’s it” or come to America and unlock the value you’ve created!

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