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How to Build a Global Technology Company in Five Steps

Five steps to building a global technology company

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I’m mad as hell and don’t want complex edtech anymore!

How much has teaching and learning really changed in the last 10,000 years? Sure, we have the internet with millions of pages but that’s just a big disorganized library. What about the real stuff of teaching and learning? I don’t think teaching and learning has changed at all, matter of fact I think we’ve lost touch with some very simply truths and technology needs to reflect that.

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Technology Topples Governments

The use of Facebook and Twitter is fueling the growth of democracies in Egypt and Tunisia, respectively.

The printing press was invented in 1493 yet democracies did not truly begin in the modern era until 1776.

Facebook and Twitter are together less than six years old. Where will we be ten years from now?

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RIAA and MPPA Go Down: Pirates 1 – Suits 0

Citizens banding together in anonymous fashion to protest against an organization, person or event will grow in the years to come. We are already seeing this as evidenced in last week’s successful DDoS attack against the MPPA and RIAA websites. Perhaps it is the beginning of the anti-Facebook, anti-MySpace, generation?

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The CIO Is Not The Customer

Ever more complex and burdensome features have been built into products in the mistaken belief that “more is better” as design has shifted away from actually engaging and listening to the end user.

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How To Design Like Apple

12 easy steps to follow in order to begin designing products like Apple. Some serious some not so serious – for you to decide which is which.

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Do I love Android or do I hate AT&T?

How we phrase a question leads us to different insights and conclusions about products, markets, business plans and how we see things. You can ask: why do people love the iPhone? Or, you can ask: Do I love the Android? Do I hate AT&T? Do I hate Apple? With the new iPhone coming out and AT&T gouging it’s customers it’s time Sergey and Larry started asking: Why doesn’t anyone love me?

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Moses Created Cloud Computing (no not Jobs!)

A brief review of the historical beginnings of Cloud Computing, a three step view of how it will develop and a call to action to create the next big thing.

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Hello World

Hello World! Patrick Kedziora joins the world of blogging. Looking forward to finding his product/market fit or blog/reader fit. He will be mostly blogging about technology, business development, and finance – in one form or another.

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