A Blog In Two Pictures – Apps vs. Songs

Aysmco is reporting that iOS application downloads on Apple’s iTunes store should overtake the number of song downloads sometime this year. The report is based on figures from the recent September 1 update to the iTunes Music Store.

Picture #1 – Total Apps Vs. Songs Downloaded In Months Since Launch:

Picture #2 – Growth Rates In Downloads for Apps Vs Songs (aka velocity):

Conclusion: Apps are hot, really hot, so hot that Lady Gaga is burning up the Telephone telling all her friends.

Total apps downloaded will soon be greater than the total number of songs downloaded on iTunes. I don’t believe anyone anticipated how big apps would be. So what does this mean to the idea of SaaS and the very meaning of Cloud Computing? I’ll let you know in a future post. Right now I’m busy re-watching the Lady Gaga video… wow, I love those product placements…

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