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Biz Dev – Part III – Why No Revenues is Better

Companies can still have zero revenues and have tremendous value. Most VC’s assume $2 per user per year in revenues, with one million users and a multiple of 20X that’s $40 million of value with zero revenues. Good, if you’re a US company. Difficult if you’re in Europe where angels and VC are still struggling with the concept that a company with zero revenues can have tremendous value. So, what’s a European entrepreneur to do? Simple, find a local VC who “get’s it” or come to America and unlock the value you’ve created!

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Biz Dev – Part I – Know Where You’re Going or At Least Move!

Some say marketing, some say sales, some say business development. The sale happens where these three come together. Your marketing is the physical manifestation of your strategy; it’s the web site, brochures, videos and ads. Sales is the stuff inside the web site, brochures, videos and ads. And, business development, we’ll that’s a fancy term for when you get your butt out of the office and start knocking on a customer’s door.

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Technology Topples Governments

The use of Facebook and Twitter is fueling the growth of democracies in Egypt and Tunisia, respectively.

The printing press was invented in 1493 yet democracies did not truly begin in the modern era until 1776.

Facebook and Twitter are together less than six years old. Where will we be ten years from now?

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This Whole Android Vs. Apple Thing Is So USA

We’re so busy trying to conjure up the next Facebook that we’re missing Facebookx10 opportunities. So start innovating outside the box (e.g. the Fifty States, the EU).

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Hello World

Hello World! Patrick Kedziora joins the world of blogging. Looking forward to finding his product/market fit or blog/reader fit. He will be mostly blogging about technology, business development, and finance – in one form or another.

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